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Welcome to our Research & Development Division, Myriad Stars
We offer outsourced product development, custom solution development on turnkey basis.  We added customized CodeOnTime services to our basket of offerings this year.  We have varied engagement models for each of these services. 

The engagement starts with an assessment of  customer’s need, a report / proposal submission. Based on the outcome of this phase a development activity will be taken up with very innovative construction of teams based on a project plan.  After the solution is developed according to plan for a well-defined team its implementation at customer’s premises is taken up based on a user-engagement plan.  User feedback is factored into the solution development for further releases.  Thus over few well-planned iterations this engagement is completed.
Products are Product Lines for us

A concept when done over several versions for several industries in different technologies remains not just a product, but acquires the status of a Product Line.  Highly  valuable corporate HR philosophies like – Talent Management, Learning and Assessments have become our product lines too.  We served at least one big customer in each of these areas over the last few years.  

We welcome associations with several more indigenous innovators to further the cause.  We have successfully deployed solutions 100% built by us by engaging with customers in Finance, Insurance , HR and Education domains as also many more mentioned in Clients page.