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Welcome to our Research & Development Division, Myriad Stars

MyriadStars™ brand represents several stars - in terms of products and people for us.  We are an outsourced product development company focusing our energies on this core expertise.

We invite you to test run our products and services through this spanky new website. Have a taste of how our thoughts converted into features...



News & Events

Latest News10th October 2017
We hereby announce the creation of a new product that studies the influence of money / wealth on people. We invite all those interested in it to participate.
News26th April 2016
Experts discover a new state of water molecule. Researchers at the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) described a new tunnelling state of water molecules confined in hexagonal ultra-small channels of the mineral beryl. This state can help scientists describe the thermodynamic properties and behaviour of water in highly confined environments.
News13th Feb. 2016
We celebrate the discovery of gravitational waves in various scientific labs all over the world as predicted by Albert Einstein along with the scientific community.
Our MSIS logo represents IT Solutions part of our business with an emphasis on solutions truly.
Our MSIS logo is the new addition to our brand.
News10th Nov. 2014
msit+ logo represents a new addition to our communities.
News10th Nov. 2014
Many Indian hi-tech companies are going to need highly skilled design engineers for opportunities opening at GlobalAerospaceMeet, Novotel, Hyderabad, from 12-14th Nov.2014.
News13th June 2014
Any of our communities can use MSIS - Myriad Stars combined logo / exclusive MSIT logo / exclusive MyriadStars logo depending on their partner community choice.
News8th January 2014
An article on 'Scientific Success Symptoms' written by our CMD got published in e-NewsLetter of IMCI - December 2013 issue - released on 2nd January 2014.
News20th March 2014

Myriad Star IT Solutions updated Agile Business, Management & Consultancy draft specification on 14th November 2013. Click here to visit the page on site Click here to visit the page on ExcelON site

These downloads are closed now after public review.

We are releasing Agile Managers in prospect clients service. We welcome your enquiry on them.
News15th May 2013

Myriad Star IT Solutions Pvt Ltd has setup a new division ''Myriad Stars Network'' as its R&D wing one year ago. As it has gauged good enthusiasm among connoisseurs for these type of services it has decided to operate and promote this division until it reaches its first goal; it will subsequently hand over its functioning to elected professional body. We invite all enthusiasts to join as members and promote this concept.', '15th May 2013'

News15th January 2013
MSIT-Myriad Stars MD announces plan to build small Assessment Products for the upcoming Placement Season in partnership with GenY Assessment companies
Events10th October 2012
This year the Nobel Prize in Physics is won for work in quantum optics that paved the way for precision clocks and may lead to a new generation of super-fast computers - 10th Oct. 2012
News4th July 2012
We celebrate the discovery of 'Higgs Boson', the God particle at CERN along with the rest of Physics Fraternity of the world
Events1st July 2012
Announced launch of MyriadStars.Net web portal with two arms - IT Consultants, IT Interns
Our MD started training various State Government of Employees on Information Security Management Systems under the aegis of NISG, Hyderabad
Training@Bhopal to MAP-IT Team, the e-Gov Team of Madhya Pradesh on Information Security Management Systems by Nalini Marthi & Raghu Patri under the aegis of NISG, Hyderabad
Training@Jaipurs State Training Center on 16th, 17th, 18th April by Nalini Marthi & Raghu Patri to e-Gov participants under the aegis of NISG, Hyderabad
Our new look website is launched on 15th August 2011. We salute all our customer kings through this and request their continued patronage.
We are Partnering with Code On Time to develop Customized Solutions for customers all over the world