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With its R&D basis to work, MyriadStars™

Believes in publishing its insights for the benefit of its stakeholder community.  Our comibned experience of 100s of years took us through various nuances of customer and all other stakeholders’ service.  We empathize with current challenges of NMSMEs to stay in business and float on the opportunities crest striving not to get drowned by them. Take a minute to go through the white papers made available below.




White Papers13th June2014
We handed over our content publishing role to our R&D division - Myriad Stars. We are developing it as the IT / ITeS Talent Forum of India. For all our latest content please visit Myriad Stars Network; Myriad Stars India Services; SmarTEST Forum Services

The following documents and many more insights have been moved to various forums of our community; visit website to check them out.

Course Building Strategies


IT internship Program

Latest Innovations In Products

Product Development Strategy