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Welcome to our growing Research & Development Organization, Myriad Stars
Myriad Stars Talent Management Learning Assessments Testimonials Consultancy
Vision: To capture the imagination of stakeholders with our products and services.

Mission: To implement IT Solutions in 24 different domains by 2016. Later work with partners to consolidate and grow.

with Values: Objectivity, Sensitivity, Creativity, Acceptability, Productivity and Healthy Fun
Our most complete product TAPME addresses Top 6 challenges of recruitment industry

Quality vs Quantity

Alpha vs Beta errors

Technology role in recruitment

Large scale project management

Multi-location, Multi-skill recruitment

Local Languages, Innovation inclusion
Our Corporate learnings from Learning Management are

- International standards are very much applicable in real life

- Learning registration through assessments more permanent

- Management of teams yields better results for businesses

- Gen X and Y are more comfortable with Learning by Doing than by any other technique

- Design & Innovation help build better solutions
Assessment Strategies made us realise

- High quality work demands Patience and Perseverance

- Patience and Perseverance can be judged by Complex Assessments

- Productivity is not guaranteed by Success in Complex Assessments

- Elimination techniques are preferred for mass recruitment

- Fun is a tool to be handled with care
Our IT Solutions have been acknowledged for

- Tackling complexity

- Tackling Theory and Practice well

- Integrity, Creativity, Expertise, R&D

- Self-management
We offer 'Consultancy' in the domains of

- Requirement Management & Innovation

- Program / Project Management

- Planning / Design

- Blog / Story / Article writing & review

News & Events

Latest News
We hereby announce the creation of a new product that studies the influence of money / wealth on people. We invite all those interested in it to participate.
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White Papers
We handed over our content publishing role to our R&D division - Myriad Stars. We are developing it as the IT / ITeS Talent Forum of India. For all our latest content please visit Myriad Stars Network; Myriad Stars India Services; SmarTEST Forum Services
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